Friday, March 22, 2013


The team has decided to take the 2013 season off. Lacking major sponsorship will sideline the potent "18". Congrat's to Michael and all of the team's accomplishment's over the past few years! We will miss the "18" tremendously on saturday nights this season!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A SEASON ENDING CRASH (Doug Ayres photos)

This is the end result of a multi-car crash from Grandview Speedway this past saturday night. Thank goodness Michael was not injured! As you can see the severe damage done to the #18 ending the season for Team Weinert.

Michael qualified the car in his heat race bringing home a nice 2nd place finish. He lined up 7th for the start of the feature. At the drop of the green the 28 car field came off of turn 4 with Mike Laise being turned sideways right in front of Michael causing a 16 car accident. He was then delegated to the rear of the field for the restart. Laps later while heading into turn 3 a car stalled right in front of Mike, and he was left with no where to go. The cars made heavy contact and the #18 flipped over and came to rest on the 611 of Brad Grim. Michael wasted no time getting out of the car as the fuel started to escape from the tank. He was a liitle shaken up and came away with just a bruised shin. The safety equipment protected Michael to the fullest extent!

Team Weinert wishes to thank all of it's crew members, sponsors and fans for all of their support during the 2012 racing season. Truly none of this could have been accomplished without them!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

EXCELLENT NIGHT! (Doug Ayres photo)

What an excellent night for Team Weinert last evening at Grandview! The team had the car tuned and ready for the competition as Michael started the #18 in the 4th position in the heat race. He got the Plant Food special churning right from the drop of the green and challenged for the top position. After 4 yellow flags on last lap altercations, Michael brought the car home in the 2nd position which easily qualified him the feature event.

High hopes were in mind as the flagged waved at the start of the feature in which Michael was in the 8th spot. Up on the wheel and driving like a seasoned veteran, Mike throttled his Bicknell with authority throughout the entire feature event. He never wavered or looked back at the competitors and raced into the 2nd position as the laps clicked off. Coming off the 4th turn on the final lap, Michael was nipped at the line by Duane Howard for the runner-up position. There is nothing to be ashamed of about that! An excellent night for the team as the season winds down with only 3 more races on the schedule at Grandview.

The team will run two other events that include Penn Can and 5 Mile Point race tracks near the end of the season.

Side Note: Check out those true Michael Weinert fans in the picture above as he was lining up for the feature event!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

SOLID NIGHT! (Doug Ayres photo)

Michael had himself a very solid night at Grandview Speedway. He started his heat race in the 4th position and had the Plant Food #18 on the move. In the latter portion of the race, 2 top competitors were able to slide by while Michael brought the #18 home in 5th place which qualified him for the feature event.

Team Weinert began the feature in the 20th position as the field came down to take the green. Several cautions slowed the race considerably. As a car slowed along the front stretch on lap 7, many cars made contact while checking up on the field. Glenn Strunk's front rubrail became wedged under Michael's rear bumper which brought out a caution. The track crew took awhile trying to get the cars seperated in which they finally were able to. This put the #18 to the rear of the field. Michael drove a very consistent, yet aggressive race and as the checkered flag fell brought the car home safely in the 17th position.

The team will be back again next week to battle the small block modified wars at Grandview Speedway!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Michael Weinert cruises under Grandview Speedway's 50th anniversary banner last evening during the Forrest Rogers Memorial 50 lap feature. Michael was very impressive in his qualifying event bringing the #18 home in the 4th position and locked into the feature event.

Mike lined up his Bicknell chassis, Lightning powered hot rod in the 16th position at the drop of the green.  He ran a steady feature event that was marred by several yellow flags and restarts and brought the car home in one piece in the 22nd position as the checkered flag fell.

There was a 2 1/2 hour delay as rain began to fall at the speedway. The feature event ended around 2:00 in the morning making the evening a night to remember!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

BACK ON THE HILL (Doug Ayres photo)

Weinert racing made their return to Grandview Speedway last night after a short layoff to regroup their racing strategy. Michael started off the heat race in the 4th position and got redirected and shuffled back a spot or two during the heat race. He then got up on the wheel and charged right back bringing home a sweet and very needed 3rd place finish which advanced him into the invert for the feature line-up!

The feature proved to be a tough one for Team Weinert as they lined up in the 8th position at the drop of the green. The potent Plant Food #18 Bicknell looked very quick at times running the cushion but faded as the 30 lap race winded down. Michael ended up in the 22nd position as the checkered flag unfurled. Back again next week for the Forrest Rogers Memorial 50 lapper with $20,000 on the line!